Jerusalem Sky

In the very center of Yerushalyim’s ancient and majestic neighborhoods, just a few streets away from the Old City and the Kosel Hamarvi, mere steps from the glorious Mir Yeshiva, beside the neighborhoods of Beis Yisrael and Meah Shearim — here is being built a wondrous new project. An ancient vessel filled with the new, modern buildings that merge the illustrious past of Yerushalyim with the amenities of the future.

Jerusalem Sky, the luxury project built by the “Shomrei Emunim” company, is the diamond in the crown of the Holy City. The buildings are being built to the highest standards of construction, and will be exceptionally high-quality. Set among a mosaic of the finest communities in Yerushalyim,

the project will create a new standard, and reflect the beauty of the most exquisite city.

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